EcoCooling offers multi-economical, environmental, as well as precision improvements & advantages.

The Advantages & Benefits

A Clean, Exacting,
Economical Innovation

The EcoCooling System is easily incorporated into current and future machine centres.

The EcoCooling System is a unique, computer-controllable parts machining process that utilizes ionized air-cooling. The system uses no harmful liquids, which obviates the need for hazardous material disposal, makes for a healthier, safer workplace and cuts production costs, while at the same time, preserving our environment.



  • Higher cutting speed
  • Prolonged tool-life
  • Superior surface quality (Ra-value)
  • The workpiece can be processed further, without middle washing
  • Coolants are no longer required, and the workpiece remains clean.
  • The threat of pollution to the environment is eliminated.
  • Health risks related to the use of coolants are eradicated.


These are the unique features that EcoCooling will significantly improve, in relation to manufacturing costs:

  • Lower Costs
  • Compatible with existing machining centers
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Increased worker safety
  • Reduction and avoidance of corrosion of machined part, tool and machine
  • Improved working environment

Independent market research conducted by GIA (Global Intelligence Alliance) has shown, that the cost savings generated by using a fluid-free machining process, such as EcoCooling's unique ionized air cooling system, are significant.

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