A multinational team committed to a cleaner and healthier global environment, without sacrificing excellence in machining.

The Company

Innovation for a
Cleaner & Healthier Future

Our Vision
"We specialize in a unique and globally patented ionized air-cooling system, thereby totally eliminating the use of all metalworking fluids, globally".

Our Mission
"We aim to become the number one global provider of our unique ionized air-cooling system for machining within the next 3-5 years, by offering this unique and patented superior technology, and its industrially approved technique, applied for machining. We will be highly a profitable company, offering exceptional results for our shareholders."


The EcoCooling System has been in industrial research and development by a multinational team of specialists since the end of 1980s. We have successfully completed preindustrial prototype units for turning machines, and have performed a number of laboratory tests, and recently, industrial proof of concept in the most demanding factory tests. Several tests have been carried out in Finland, Germany and Russia, with extremely positive results and recommendations. We also provided Industrial Proof of Concept in Finland, in 2010.

In the industrial world, for many years, there has been a global and fundamental trend towards eliminating machine metalworking fluids, used in the industrial material cutting process. There have been various trials and solutions offered, to tackle this goal, but these have been neither efficient, nor tehnology-wise, comprehensive enough for material tooling, to solve the entire problem. The EcoCooling System was invented to solve the global problem, of getting rid of machine metalworking fluids totally!

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