EcoCooling offers multi-economical, environmental, as well as precision improvements & advantages.

The System

Cooling with Ionized Air

The EcoCooling System is a unique, computer-controllable parts machining process that utilizes ionized air-cooling. The system consists of a vortex tube for air-cooling, which includes an electronic controller unit, an ionization unit, and an air-feeding unit for directing cooled ionized air into the working zone.

The complete EcoCooling System comprises:
a) The tube from compressed air unit
b) Controller unit
c) Feeding system of the ionized air flow

Depending on the desired characteristics of the hot and cold flows, the airflow within the unit is controlled by discretely changing the conditional parameters of the thermodynamic processes, throughout the various unit parts, and with the air itself. This discrete control of the EcoCooling System variables enables a wide range of customizable, characteristic parameters for each type of machining system and material.

In some machining systems, such as drilling and milling, airflow is preferably arranged in the drilling/milling tool with internal flow channels through the spindle. This provides the best cooling effect on the machining surface point.


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