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Towards Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Machining

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Background of Ecocooling Innovation

Ecocooling’s innovation began with two physicists that discovered that ionizing the conventional cool air flow replaces metal cutting fluids in metal machining process.


  • Since 1989 EcoCooling has acquired the rights and patented the technology of replacing metal cutting fluids, to be utilized at workshops globally, eliminating the need for metal cutting fluids and emulsions
  • For decades there has been a strong and clear need to get totally rid of metal cutting fluids. Cutting fluids cause significant pollution and occupational danger to health, and the purchase, maintenance and disposal of fluids is a significant cost to the workshops
  • During the past three decades EcoCooling team has experimented, industrially researched and tested the new technology, and now have a product that is ready for production

EcoCooling System

  • EcoCooling System is an embedded system, that generates the ionized air, which is blown to cutting surface of the workpiece
  • Using the EcoCooling System no metal cutting fluid is necessary to cool or lubricate the workpiece and the cutting tool. Instead of fluids ionized cool air is blown from the EcoCooling unit to the working zone
  • When using EcoCooling the metal cutting tools last longer, the workpieces are not contaminated with fluids, chips are reusable, and the surface roughness of the workpieces is also improved
  • These features of the innovation yield to many significant advantages and benefits for the workshops globally

EcoCooling will reduce costs, improve working efficiency and work quality, while simultaneously cutting lead time in the workshops

At the same time EcoCooling has significant positive impact on environment (CO2 emissions and toxic waste) and occupational health

Machining without Compromise

EcoCooling replaces toxic metal working fluids

Ecocooling delivers outstanding machining workpiece quality while cooling and sustaining the cutting tool without the use of coolants. Ecocooling improves Machining Efficiency at an atomic level.

The unique EcoCooling System revolutionizes the machining process, by utilizing dry cooling and dry lubricating Ionized-Air Flow.

The system consists of a typical air compressor, a dry air-cooling unit and an integrated built-in electronic control unit for ionization of dry cooled air.

The metal cutting is a combination of mechanical and electrochemical processes. The electrochemical process in the cutting method is based on electron loss and changes at the atomic level. This typically impacts the heat generation, surface adhesions and roughness, and tool wear etc. The ions generated by the EcoCooling system support the workpiece machining/cutting process on the tool edge and rake area by penetrating to the cutting zone and providing lubrication and cooling functions traditionally accomplished with emulsion fluids.

The Science of EcoCooling 

  • The metal cutting is a combination of mechanical and electrochemical processes
  • Electrochemical process in the cutting method is typically based on electron loss and changes in the atom level. This usually has an impact for the heat generation, surface adhesions and roughness, tool wear etc.
  • EcoCooling utilizes cooled ionized-air flow in the working zone
  • Ionized-air has a lot of ions (gaseous mediums), which are supporting workpiece cutting process on the tool edge and rake area by penetrating in the cutting zone
  • Ionized-air forms dry lubricant (electrochemical) which decreases cutting friction and generated heat, and speeds-up oxide layer formation

Advantage without Compromise

EcoCooling reduces operating costs and investments and is environmentally friendly, Green technology!

Reduced costs and improved quality

No costs for
 metal fluids

No costs for disposal of used fluids.

Reduced energy consumption.

Potentially eliminates need to wash the workpiece.

EcoCooling improves the surface quality.

Tool Lifetime & Efficiency

EcoCooling has proven to extend the lifetime of the machine tools.

EcoCooling also allows higher cutting speeds, faster with difficult materials

No capital investments
 in separation solution

No need to invest in a costly separation solution(s).

Approximately 10% of companies invest USD 150-200,000 in their own separation certificate. 

No Health or
 Environmental burden

Coolants mixed with air creates an aerosol, which can lead to severe respiratory and other diseases for machining personnel.

Removal of coolants reduces CO2 emissions.

Up to 80% 
more value
 from separated 

Using EcoCooling the chips are not contaminated with cutting fluids which increases the value of reclaimed chips.

Cost savings gained from process optimization, and a new revenue stream from the reuse of clean chips opens new business opportunities.

EcoCooling brings unique value- creation opportunities to the machining market

For years, the global manufacturing industry has been looking for alternative technologies for hazardous and polluting cutting liquids, which can manage the temperature during the metal cutting process. Managing the heat during machining is also one of the key issues in achieving higher cutting speeds and better surface quality. Our solution forms a dry lubricant (electrochemical) which decreases cutting friction and heat generated, and speeds-up the insert’s oxide layer formation. EcoCooling technology is proven and we are now ready to scale it to global manufacturing industry.

— CTO Leo Hatjasalo

“EcoCooling brings unique value creation opportunities to the machining market
EcoCooling technology brings unique benefits to all parties in the metal cutting value chain. In addition to removing hazardous machining liquids, we have demonstrated improvements in tool lifetime and material surface quality, which in turn deliver compelling productivity enhancement and cost saving opportunities into the industry. Furthermore, the clean and digitally controlled machining process is an ideal fit for smart manufacturing concepts.

Our current priority is to realise the full market potential of the EcoCooling technology and to maximise environmental impact by introducing it to global markets.”

— CEO-Joni Rautavuori


Adaptation of EcoCooling will bring fundamental change to the metal working machinery market estimated to be worth more than USD 100 billion, metal working tool market worth more than USD 20 billion and metal working fluid market worth more than USD 10 billion. 


Currently EcoCooling is retrofitted to the existing metal working machines but in the long run metal working machines can be designed smaller and cheaper without the fluid coolant systems.



EcoCooling has been extensively proven in world class Universities, Institutes, and by industrial partners on a commercial scale.

The more difficult component or thougher material the better quality difference.

EcoCooling’s end product shows significant objective quality improvements compared to emulsion. The more challenging the product or material, the better the results.

Major Flank Wear



Minor Flank Wear



Rake Face



Insert Surface



EcoCooling System


Traditional Method


Completely oil and chemical free 

Traditional Solution: Based on mineral oil and other chemicals

Clean workpiece and chips

The workpiece and chips remain clean, and chips can be recycled

Traditional Solution: The workpiece must be cleaned and washed after machining, and chips are contaminated with residues

Workpiece surface roughness

Provides improved surface quality

Traditional Solution: Surface quality is on the par

Tooling lifetime

Extended tool-life with superior surface quality

Traditional Solution: Shorter tool-life and more prone to tool breakage

Total machining costs

Improved machining efficiency due to the improve speed and depth

Traditional Solution: More constrained speed and depth

Occupational health of personnel

Exceeds increasing authority requirements for ecological production methods, and improves occupational health and safety in machining

Traditional Solution: Coolants’ residues cause with the inhalation air, respiratory and other severe diseases like skin allergies for machining personnel

About Us

Oy ECE EcoCooling Engineering Ltd is part of a portfolio of Finnish high-tech companies developing world-leading technologies, like the front-lit technology used in Amazon Kindle-devices. It was developed and industrialized by the portfolio company Modilis Ltd., which was sold to Amazon in 2010.

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